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Green and Smart Technology Cluster

Green-tech Cluster is a cooperation network between SMEs and institutions of education, research, business support and others that:

  • operate in specific region or economic sector or inter-related sectors;
  • use related technologies and similar labour resources;
  • consist of legally independent companies that are competing and at the same time realize a mutual cooperation.

The “green” Cluster is a long-term cooperation project that aims to create new business opportunities, competitive advantages and added value to companies involved in the project by cooperate with local government and institutions of education, research, business support and others. Project activities include cooperation in manufacturing and provision of services, creation of new products and technologies as well as increase of export volume.

In October 2017, Cluster received a Bronze assessment as part of the Cluster Excellence Initiative. This assessment is a quality mark for the work done by Cluster at European level and provides important recommendations for future development. In 2018 cluster become one of the Copernicus Masters members. Copernicus Masters is an international competition that awards prizes to innovative solutions, developments and ideas for business and society based on Earth observation data.


Green-tech Cluster has experience in international projects:

  1. Society within the projects financed by EU (“CBR Home market”) implements such activities as cross-border incubation, soft–landing system development and launching in Central Baltic region, organizes match-making and training sessions for investors and SMEs.
  2. Cluster in collaboration with its e-mobility companies has organized a bunch of public awareness campaigns (EU Comissions Program „Do The Right Mix”).
  3. For international cooperation Nordic-Mobility projects implemented for several years.
  4. SpaceTEM is a new EstLat project which aims to initiate the development of NewSpace (private space technology sector) industry in Estonia and Latvia through a series of mutual activities.
  5. BEE Lab is Interreg V-A Latvia Lithuania Programme project “Boost regional Entrepreneurship by Enabling cross border cooperation” which aims to promote entrepreneurship in several municipalities enabling an exchange of good practices and developing a network of skilled business support actors in Latvia and Lithuania. BEE Lab will implement 5 different models, such as PopUp Lab, a Business school for youth, Coffee with experts, thematic informative web conferences.
  6. Green ICT Development (GIVE) general project objective is to build up strategic cluster partnership in the field of smart green technologies among the three vital industries – automotive, renewable energy and ICT.

Green-tech Cluster was established in 2010 and now cluster brings together more than 70 members- SMEs, business support organizations and educational and research institutions from all around the Latvia.

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