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EasyPay is an ewallet solution which offers a large portfolio of local services including utility payments, mobile topups, police fines, e-commerce payments, sport betting top-ups, etc, all in the Albanian local currency (ALL). We offer real time payments for all registered customers through the EasyPay mobile apps and to all “walk-in” customers all over Albania, through our extensive network of over 300 agents.
Being the first online payment provider in Albania, we focus to target and reach the unbanked, trying to play a key role in the financial inclusion in our country. Recently Easypay has entered into an important partnership with RIA Financial, the second biggest MTO (Money Transfer Operator) worldwide in order to offer remittance services through the Easypay network, with some of the lowest rates in Albania.

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Make a change, donate now!

Donations are very important and a simple and efficient way to show your support. We at EasyPay are promoting this service with no costs to encourage you and our partners to donate.

Our first collaboration is with “Down Syndrome Albania”(DSA) foundation, founded to improve the life of people born with Down syndrome.

Every penny you donate, will change their life and will make them smile.

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Online shopping

Discover shopping online with EasyPay!

We keep our promises. You can now buy online anytime from your mobile or computer using your EasyPay account.

Our first merchants are Bottega Verde and Dyqani Taxi, and we are working to add more online merchants to our list.

Bottega Verde offers beauty and personal care products, so don’t waste time! Go to, navigate, select and pay through EasyPay account because it’s that simple.

Dyqan Taxi offers everything for you, from mobile accessories to clothes, books and entertainment. Click here and find out more about their products.

Don’t spend your weekends doing shopping, buy online!

How to buy online?

When you have checked the shopping basket and are ready to pay:

Click the EasyPay button
Login to your EasyPay account
Money is withdrawn directly from your account, just wait for the stuff you bought to come at your door.

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State Police and Tirana’s Municipality Police Fines

We don’t want you to get any tickets for speeding or wrong parking , but if you do, pay them on time!

Did you accidentally park on the wrong spot? You weren’t paying much attention and exceeded the speed limit? It happens to all of us, but thanks to the recent unification of the State Police and Tirana’s Municipality Police fines, now you can pay all of these fines with EasyPay!

Did you know that if you pay your fines in time, you can get a 20% discount and if you don’t, you will be charged with late fees, 2% of the total amount per day delayed?

With EasyPay, time is not a problem anymore. We have made it possible and you can pay fines in few minutes, anytime from your mobile or online and you will be the winner.

How to pay?

Online and Mobile:

Log in to your EasyPay account and click Fines
Enter car plate or ticket serial number
Confirm transaction and click Pay
** The option for paying fines released by the Municipality of Tirana Police through the EasyPay app, is still under construction. It will be available very soon on the smartphone platforms.

At an EasyPay agent:
Give the agent your car plate and the amount even if you don’t have the ticket with you. At the agent you can pay fines that are not yet inserted in the system as long as you hand over your ticket and also the fines with a court decision.
The agent will give you payment confirmation signed and sealed.
You will receive an email confirmation and sms that the payment was successful.

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With EasyPay you can top-up electronically 24/7 wherever you are including your mobile phone number, your smart card or your sport bet account.
If we do not keep up with your expectations, please give us a call at Contact Us

• Mobile phone
• Pay TV
• Sport bets

Try it now, top-up your Mobile phone
Mobile TopUpMobile TopUp
Top up your prepaid mobile account, use EasyPay!
If you have a pay as you go mobile phone number with either Eagle or Plus, you can top up your account with no extra commission rates; online, mobile or physically at any of the 320 EasyPay agents all over Albania.
We are currently working with potential partners to bring you the service for more mobile operators.
If you have a contract phone number, please click here.

How to top up your phone?

o Login to your EasyPay account and click Top up
o Enter the amount you wish to top up and your phone number. You can also choose a plan and then click Start
o Confirm the transaction by clicking Pay
As simple as this! Only a few steps and you are good to go.

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Taxes of Municipality of Tirana

You can now pay for the Municipality of Tirana taxes in over 100 EasyPay agents all over Tirana. This is the most recent collaboration between EasyPay and DPTTV (Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Taksave dhe Tarifave Vendore), under the Mayor of Tirana.

The most innovative aspect of this new service is that this is the first time in Albania when you can pay for your taxes in real time at a financial non-banking institution, avoiding the bureaucratic process of waiting for the confirmation of your payment for almost a month. Moreover, you can pay for all your other dues in one go, without having to pay them separately.

The fee applied for this service is 100 ALL for each tax paid at the agents. If a client pays one or more taxes, or fines (if the taxes have not been paid on time), the agent’s fee will still be 100 ALL.

In addition to maximum security and practicality of use, you can search for a subject using a local code, TIN, the name of the subject or the name of the administrator.

Soon you will be able to pay for these taxes through our mobile app or our web platform too.

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Avoid long queues and late fees, pay your utilities with EasyPay!

Time is valuable, don’t waste it waiting in long queues to pay for utilities. With EasyPay, you can pay them online or mobile at the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Pay them in real time without missing the deadlines and having to pay for extra late fees.
EasyPay is here to make your life easier. It is fast, effortless and safe.
If you want to know more on how to pay your bills go to Water and electricity bills, Internet & Phone bills, Kindergarten Payments or Internet subscriptions and bill payments

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RIA Money Transfer

RIA Money Transfer – Receive and transfer money internationally, with the lowest rates!

Ria is one of the largest international money transfer companies internationally, established in 1987.

You can watch a video presentation of Ria Money Transfer HERE.

EasyPay is an authorized partner of Ria Money Transfer in Albania.

Here you can find photos of Ria/EasyPay points in Albania: View of POS Harta_E_SHQIPERISE

For RIA commissions click Here

When you choose Ria you have chosen:

Lowest commission rates
Fast, secure and safe Transfers
30 years of Experience and Dedication
Global network in over 150 countries around the world
More than 315,000 locations

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