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Welcome to Emisia

To us, it’s not just work – we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in every project. Our core group of specialists have been with Emisia Consulting for nearly a decade. We foster dynamic and creative technical discussions. We customize our solutions to fit your specific needs and to meet needs you were not even aware of. The Emisia Consulting team is what sets us apart from the competition.


Emisia’s vision is to become one of the world’s best software companies.


Emisia Consulting doo is a modern, socially responsible business organization, which places high quality software solutions to the international market, considers information safety risks, meets requirements of clients, implements plans and aims of the management, employees and the entire social community, thus meeting expectations of all stakeholders.


Information is protected from unauthorized access

Information confidentiality is maintained

Information will not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals either by accidental or deliberate activity

Information integrity is maintained through protection from unauthorized modification

Possibility of information access and modification is provided to authorized individuals when needed

Compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements is ensured

Support to ISMS Policy is provided through continuous business plans that will be specified, maintained and tested through ongoing practical work

Training is provided across all Emisia’s organizational units

All violations of safe handling of information will be addressed and investigated

All safety violations will be documented and investigated



We plan the future of our company and realize plans in compliance with principles of sustainable development and socially responsible behavior

We respect our clients and partners, employees and the environment we work in, as well as the owner of the company and the social community

We apply the latest technologies and “know-how”, and we constantly improve and innovate work methods

We strive to increase the level of quality of all processes and products

Our primary goal is to prevent accidents and to take care of safety and health of our employees

We comply with legal requirements and strive to contribute to general business development of the IT sector

We encourage teamwork, openness and trust, and we respect knowledge based on differences in origin, experience and perspectives


ISO Certificate

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and implementing positive values into society are considered to be important aspects of our business aims. Despite the fact that our company is oriented toward the foreign market, we are well aware of the social environment surrounding us. In addition to regular participation in major humanitarian actions, such as the action of Serbian Government in helping those endangered by the floods, high emphasis is put on helping our local community.

Blood donation has been traditionally organized for the past few years, in great cooperation with The Institute for Transfusion, CC Kragujevac.

“We would like to thank you for the fifth successful blood donation organized within your company, and for recognizing the importance of donating the essential fluid. We are looking forward to further cooperation to our mutual satisfaction.” – Propagator Marijana Stojanović, The Institute for Transfusion, CC Kragujevac

In Emisia Consulting doo there is a shared belief that a good deed is never lost and that the personal example represents the best way of positive influence on others.

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