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GORD Systems Services Ltd provides innovative IT solutions and services to clients in EU, Canada and USA.
With more than 20 years’ experience in software development and implementation in many industry sectors (healthcare, food processing, agribusiness and manufacturing), GORD is in position to offer the clients advanced and innovative IT solutions based on up-to-date technologies (IoT-Internet of Things, Mobile and Machine Learning). Our international project experience and industry specific expertise enables us to better understand their needs and requirements, and deliver additional benefits and added-values.Main Products & Sevices
* Custom Software development (web, mobile apps, embedded SW)
* Business Intelligence services: Reporting, Data integration, OLAP and BigData analyses (IBM/SPSS, Microsoft BI, SAP HANA, Pentaho, BIRT, Jaspersoft)
* Innovative IT solutions based on Mobile, IoT and Machine learning technology
Our solutions help the businesses to acquire, monitor, analyze and interact with variety of measured data (temperature, humidity, light, energy, outdoor/GPS, indoor positioning, etc.), but also other important equipment and vehicle maintenance data (working hours, environmental data, rotation speed, vibration, energy supply and consumption etc.).
Acquired data (BigData) are transformed into structured information valuable for decision making in the business process automation, equipment maintenance, energy efficiency, and many other areas.
Using currently measured and historical data from the IoT devices plus intuitive software UI, we deliver innovative software solutions, like
– Smart Agriculture (production planning and management),
– Predictive Maintenance (lower risk of unpredictable failures),
– Real-time Quality Management, and
– Intelligent Energy Data Monitoring.More details:;

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