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Haitovi & Co Ltd.

“Haitovi & Co” Ltd. has extensive experience in:

– Design and construction of optical telecommunication networks;

– Highways and local telephone networks and PBXs;

– Installation, maintenance and repair of telephone cables, ATS;

– Building construction.

Substantial part of the work of “Haitovi & Co” Ltd is building construction – the complete construction as though as emergency and repairs works of residential, commercial, office and other buildings.

The company has a highly qualified staff, modern equipment and construction machinery.

Haitovi & Co Ltd.  is one of the companies contributed to the digitization of the network of BTC as a performer of many projects for fiber networks for data and calls over long distances. In this area, the construction team of the company has many years of experience, ensuring multiple references by BTC companies for data transmission and mobile operators.

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