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Main Informative Portal in Albania ltd company began its work in 2006, with one of the most successful initiatives in the market, information portal. With a solid grouping of professionals, the company managed to build and bring to individuals and businesses a space where they can publish themselves all the information they want or to find the information they need. We believe that “Our information is your strength …” as we believe that “Your information is our power to inform you even better.”

Our team consists of a qualified staff of 45+ employees in the departments of development, sales, marketing, finance and data management. Company Mission company performs:

All the activities for the development of online information media services

Activities for the development of information media services in alternative media

Project management in the field of information and communication technology and related services

Specialized training and consultancy activities in the ICT field

Activities of sale of software products and services

Products list

This platform is designed for the purpose of offering to its users the possibility to find the geographic location of points of interest (POI) by offering the integration with different layers of spatial information. It is integrated with the information on portal. The application reads and displays all information regarding businesses, reports etc. which are registered in the portal (those for which is registered the geographical position). Integration with Business book for map sheets creation. The platform enables authentication of users registered in ikub.

The application offers the possibility for creating web services for cartographic presentation of objects for mobile applications “My ikub” and “Find Digitalb” which can be found in “App Store (iOS)” and “Google Play (Android)”. has a rich database:

  • Notifications (Announcements) – over 400 objects on the map (which are updated every day).
  • Businesses – over 4000 objects on the map
  • Point of Interest (POI) – over 10000 points of interest allocated to the whole territory of Albania

Detailed functionalities:

  1. The application provides tools like measuring distances / surfaces, printing, user reviews for geographic objects, etc.
  2. The user can localize the spatial objects through requests (query) based on attributes of objects and / or their spatial position (as polygons, buffer, etc.)
  3. This WebGIS application offers the possibility of creating and editing the spatial information by using different geometry (point, line, polygon) depending on the category of information..
  4. Available functionalities like i:
    1. browsing,
    2. searching(spatial, non-spatial),
    3. Adding information by every user,
    4. Personal object management by users.
  5. The application contains a dedicated environment for users. In this environment, users can manage their added data by each sector:
    1. Modifying the position of the object and its attributes
    2. Change of object categories (it is possible to establish more than one category for each object and appearing in each of them).
    3. Adding photos and videos as additional information for each object.
    4. Downloading (download service) of personal data in geographic editable formats (e.g. ESRI shape format, Google KML).
  6. The application is integrated with a management environment, which includes the following modules:
    1. Adding and modifying objects
    2. Add and edit categories
    3. Add and edit the symbolic that represent the objects (styles)
    4. Category management for each object
    5. Comments/feedback management for each object
    6. Photo and Video (Media) management for each object
    7. Multiple data insertion using “csv” format
  7. Technical specification:
    1. MSSQL Server,
    2. Geoserver,
    3. ASP.NET,
    4. Openlayers + Extjs (GeoExt)

Read More is the only Albanian website, where you can see all sources in only one place. organizes the news in such a way, that they are showed grouped by the topics the news speak for, even if they are from different sources. This way of news’ grouping allows the user to see the ocurrance from different point of views. In the link “related articles”, the user can read all published news that relate with certain event.

The titles of the first page of are selected automatically through an informatic algorithm, based on some criterias, calculating how often and where does an event show. Basically, we count the number of original titles, which are published by chief editors, in order to assess the weight of such an event . Weight also is calculated based on how new are the news.

The pages of refresh/update 144 times a day, or every 10 minutes, so that, in a single place the user can always find the most popular, the latest and the most readed news.

Also, the user has the opportunity to search for news from Albania, Kosovo or Macedonia. News are grouped in clusters. A cluster has x news. For each news is checked its source and which country owns this source (eg

The country which has the most news of a cluster, gets this cluster as its own.

That is to say: if a issue is mentioned more from the Albanian media, the news will be displayed when clicking the Albanian news, and so on.

  • analyzes daily about 6,000 news, which are found on the websites of 63 different information sources (not including their archieves).
  • From 6,000 news, about 2500 are new titles (published during a day, excluding Sunday). The rest are news from the earlier days.
  • From 2,500 news a day, about 150 are duplicated. For each of these 150 news, it exists an identical one on the 2,350 remaining news. It means that about 10% of daily news are taken from a source of information and they are published unchanged.
  • · exists for the public since 2 April 2011
  • has more than 100,000 page views in a month.
  • has more than 60,000 unique visitors in a month.

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In this page can be found, in organized order, all the necessary information regarding all businesses in Albania such as Phone numbers, Commercial name and trade name, Exact location of the business on the map, Exact address, Business branches, Description activity, Activities, and Various offerings of each business, and other information.

Businesses in is the bridge between customers and businesses.

1. It offers its service online on or through the main web portal of Albanians,, in both desktop and mobile versions.

2. Business Portal can be found in smartphone application, Myikub. Through this application you can benefit from the facilities offered such as finding the direction to business premises on the map via GPS, contact the business with one click, etc.

3. Businesses in is presented every year in print version with the latest information for businesses through its catalog business book with 10,000 copies distributed throughout the country. Every business has the opportunity to reserve his advertising space that he can use for presenting his business and activities.

Supported by qualified staff, with a dedicated 24/7 service, businesses in offers an updated data base with most recent information for all businesses. Every business has the possibility to manage his profile and use an interactive connection with all interested customers.


Be a part of the biggest business portal in Albania!

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Services list

Website Maintenance

As to save systems functionality and efficiency, we provide a wide range of maintenance services to keep the system updated at any time. Maintenance services guarantee the efficient 24/7 operation of all the systems built by our company. We have  built a dedicated team for the maintenance of systems which is helpful to the users with technical assistance. We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd Service Level Support for all our systems

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Web, E-Commerce, Mobile

Web Development

We are focused on designing high quality and unique web designs and e-commerce to help the customers trigger and improve radically the productivity and the success rate of their business.
Our value proposition lies in Success, Quality, Experience and Expertise making it unique in the market.

We are composed of a team of professional experts in the main areas of web development, e-business, e-commerce, online marketing with education and experience in Albania, regionally and internationally.
The team ensures a guarantee to success to the clients works.

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