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Industrial Safety Systems Ltd.

The team of Industrial Safety Systems (ISS Ltd.) is devoted to ensure efficient working and living environment to measure the risk potential with a high degree of accessibility, ergonomics and ecology.

The team of ISS Ltd. is composed of experts and designers with full design capacity, who have extensive experience in the performance of tasks within the key to the country’s critical infrastructure sites.

The team of ISS Ltd. has experience and knowledge, motivation has to be your partner in solving problems and implementing projects related to:

  • assessment and prevention of specific risks to the sites;
  • study the need for and implementation of best practices to improve profitability and efficiency of a wide range of enterprises with economic activities in the field of extraction and processing of raw materials, the manufacture, marketing and distribution of fast-moving non-food goods
  • energy efficiency and management of costs for energy consumption
  • physical and technical protection of property:
    • access control systems
    • intercom systems
    • CCTV and intelligent video control
    • alarm and security systems to protect buildings and facilities
    • fire alarm and emergency alarm systems
    • monitoring centers for integrated security management
    • integrated management of accessibility and transport and risk prevention in urban area.

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