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Quantox Technology


At Quantox our goal is to come up with the very best possible professionals for our clients in the areas of programming services, creation of fully responsive design, development of native mobile apps, full time server management, unique content writing and many other areas involved with implementing and maintaining a strong online presence for our many clients.

Dedicated to the Web and mobile development, the professionals at Quantox are a dedicated team of technologists, designers, programmers, marketers and online strategists with more than a decade of experience producing high volume websites for important brands at a fraction of the price other firms would charge for similar services.



Our team has grown to include more than 100 highly qualified experts in their fields and their combined talents allow us to confidently create virtually any kind of digital product for desktop, mobile, and VR devices.

Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager who will serve at a single point of contact for you, streamlining the entire process while setting clearly defined milestones and managing our in-house staff in a modular manner to provide only the programming services, fully responsive designs, development of native mobile apps, full time server management, unique content creation or other specific services needed to exceed your highest expectations.

Count on the team at Quantox to continue to take care of all your development and design needs for many years to come.



By definition, outsourcing literally means “to obtain a service from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal resource.”

With the world as connected as it is, many companies and individuals choose to outsource their technology and development needs as it proves to be more cost-effective and strategic. Having educated professionals in other progressive countries do the work that would usually cost companies a small fortune to accomplish domestically, is offering more opportunity than ever for scalability and growth.

Outsourcing can be done in many ways: per project, per annum, per individual or per entire team. Quantox offers all of the above. When done properly and with trusted outsourcing companies who interview, test and vet their employees before hiring them, outsourcing is an effective solution for staying ahead of the competition with agile and complete products.



SAVE MONEY! Outsourcing is hands down the greatest way to keep overhead low and cash flow positive. Without compromising quality, outsourcing your development to a company overseas affords you high-end, educated talent at a fraction of the cost of domestic programmers and developers.

SAVE TIME! When you tap into our pool of over 100 web developers, you can count on quick turn around times. Instead of grappling with the headaches of hiring and firing, and leaving projects incomplete, outsource to a company that has plenty of manpower and knowledge to ensure all projects are done thoroughly and effectively.

STICK WITH PROFESSIONALS! Every single one of our developers and programmers are University educated, has experience, and is qualified and certified to deliver the best in tech. Unless you are an expert yourself, it is difficult to cut through the bad apples to find the good. Because we vet our team and rigorously test their skills, you are guaranteed to have experts working on your projects.

GLOBALIZATION IS NOW! With high speed internet and immense connectivity throughout the world our team, in theory, becomes a part of your company. Although we are located in Serbia, you will feel no different than if we were in another room. Responsiveness is key and thanks to globalization, that sort of dynamic is what you can expect.


When considering if outsourcing is right for you, see the following list of pros weigh the benefits of working with an outsourcing company:


  • Cost Effective (costs significantly less to outsource your development needs than to staff and build an entire in-house team)
  • Having Access to a Wealth of Knowledge for Better Progression and Innovation
  • Enables Companies to Spend Time and Resources on Their Core Competencies While Having Confidence That Their Tech Needs Are Being Taken Care of
  • Usually Bolsters Speed of Project Completion and Delivery for Maximized Revenue Realization
  • Outsourcing development and technology solutions is becoming the norm, and Quantox is one of the only known and trusted outsourcing companies that has over a decade of experience, an unrivaled book of business, and a reputation for delivering the best in the Internet and mobile products and services to its clients.



Tell us your thoughts, and we’ll analyze your needs. Next step is to turn this into a working piece of software, fast, agile, optimized, well documented and open for future improvements. Choose the technology you want and we will give you best possible solution, and best possible developers which already have experience in your area. If this is acceptable for you, start the project now, and let’s do it!



Services list

Technical Support

We offer technical support in form of linux specialist which will be at your service and which will make your server software always up to date. Technical support is not limited only on system administration, we also provide support to the systems that we built for you, so you will always get highly skilled persons to fulfill your technical requirements.

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Copywriting Content

Finding right persons to deliver you quality content can be a challenging task. We aim to deliver quality content in many forms, including web pages, blog posts, brochures, and also any other form of written content.

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Web Hosting

Since our main business is Web based it’s natural that we also offer Web hosting packages that will make integration of our products a breeze. Our skilled technicians are always available to provide the best experience to you.

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System Administration

One of our service available is offering System Administrations that you can rent. If you are in need of System Admin, you don’t have to hire someone for full time, you can get one of our skilled workers that will do his job on your own servers.

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Database Design

Database design is foundation of most applications, and as such it must stand on firm ground. Our software engineers can help you with organizing your own ideas and designing relational database that will hold your data. We use agile technologies that will give you best results.

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Mobile Development

Mobile application development is similar to web application development. The difference is that mobile applications are written to use the advantages of mobile devices. Nowadays when mobile phones are reachable to everyone, mobile development is important same just as the web development. With it you can give your clients access to your business wherever they go, which is always important.

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BE Development

The backend consists of different parts, server, application and database. Once you enter the application it stores the data into your database on your server. The backend development is working on all these behind the scenes parts of applications. The backend development in short is an enabler for frontend experience. It does calucations, business logic, database interactions and performance.

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FE Development

A mix of programming and art which powers up the visual feeling and interactions of the web. Using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript make your design powerfull and user-friendly, to help the clients feel comfortable in your environment. No matter which browser, not matter which operating system, device, front end development will help you show the same design to everyone!

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Web Design

We create attractive designs which will help your business grow very fast. Web design is face of your company, a way to show clients that your brand is the one for them. It is getting large audience to notice you and your business. We design based on your feedback and analytics data adaptive for all kinds of devices, for people all over the world. The design is something where everything starts, which customer sees, without it logic is not important. Fresh up your company with brand new design!

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Consulting focuses on advising companies or individuals in achieving their business objectives. We offer to our clients consulting in estimation, managing projects, implementation, deploying, and administration. If you want your idea to grow big, consulting with experienced people is really important. If you have an idea, share with us, and let’s get to the top together!

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