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Reaktiv is one of the unique companies in South East Europe delivering consultancy, design and implementation of turn-key solutions in the narrow niche market of public and business registries and financial regulators.

The software solutions of REAKTIV enable institutions of the public and financial sector in Macedonia and EU improve their business operations, strengthen their organizations and capacity, at the same time complying with the rigorous European directives and recommendations, and making the most of the international good practices and standards.

The vision of REAKTIV for an e-society extends beyond the current projects in the business, legal and financial sector. We are aiming not only to reshape the operations of the organizations, our clients, but also, by understanding the social, cultural and legal impacts of the evolution towards an e-society to take part in the shaping of the future of our country and the countries of the region and the EU. The expert team of REAKTIV has been working side by side with key decision- makers, legal experts as well as the business sector in order to craft e-solutions that brought Republic of Macedonia on the list of top reformers for several years in a row in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report.

The company is making pioneering steps in the SEE region by offering e-solutions which enable economies integrate the business registration procedures and regulatory and compliance reporting into a single framework.

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