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State-owned enterprise “Communicative construction & Rehabilitation”

State-owned enterprise “Communicative construction & Rehabilitation” (CCR) has a 39 years of history and it is the oldest specialized company in Bulgaria in the field of construction of communications. CCR have a great professional approach in the construction of underground wire cable lines, optical cable lines, settlement and mobile telephone networks. Over the years, the company has built more than 3000 кm. optical cable lines, thousands of km. underground wire cable lines (especially in areas with difficult access), settlement telephone networks in the cities of 23 administrative areas in Bulgaria. CCR participated in a few international projects as well, such as “Optical cable line Sofia (Bulgaria) – Nish (Serbia)” and “Optical cable line Haskovo (Bulgaria) – Ormenion (Greece)”.

CCR has a long time history of cooperation with Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC), incl. Outdoor cabinet installations, STN building, breakdown maintenance in the bigger part of the country, etc. CCR has great experience in the work with projects of BTC, SAITC, MI, Bulgargaz, municipalities, cable TV and Internet providers as well. In the past three years CCR is a main partner of Vivacom in the implementation of the biggest private project on the field of communication infrastructure in the country, the FTTB project.

CCR is certified by Bulgarian Construction Chamber for 1st category of 1st, 2nd and 3rd group of buildings. It is certified by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27000 and ISO 14001 and we possess Accredited LAB for optical and wire cables control, “C” type.

CCR has a very stable position on the market as a part of The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications and great fiscal liquidity and good financial results in the last 10 years. The company possess their own engineering, transport and construction equipment (more than 100 pc.) and have a staff of 160 highly qualified specialists as well.

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