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Tilcom Ltd was established in 1999, and through the years the company has proven itself as supplier of cables, wires, cable accessories, electrical equipment and materials. Another part of the company wide product range are accessories for AC-wires and earthing systems, high voltage cable shoes and grids, insulation tapes, manufacturing of electrical panels. Tilcom Ltd operates mainly, but not limited to the Bulgarian market having offices in Sofia and Varna, equipped with all the neccessary tools and machines required to provide our customers with professional and highly efficient service. Their export program includes supplying projects and partners in countries such as Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Macedonia.

Tilcom Ltd constantly kept volumes of products guarantee our customer’s needs satisfaction and also makes the company very flexible.

All the products Tilcom Ltd is offering are corresponding either to the Bulgarian National Standards or to the internationally recognized standards such as DE, DIN, IEC and BS.

Tilcom Ltd strictly follows its initial policy related to maintanance of high quality services and products, thus the company adopted ISO:9001 and ISO:14001.

Tilcom Ltd is working for the constant increase of customer’s satisfaction, by offerig to them high quality products manufactured by proven companies, which is secured by the professionalism, of more than 15 years of experience and expertise, ambition for innovation and the highest standards in all our activities.

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