Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications is a co – founder of Federation of ICT Clusters for the Digital Future of Bulgaria

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With an ambition to work towards overcoming the challenges for successful ICT development in Bulgaria, six ICT clusters from Bulgaria established a Federation of the ICT Clusters for Digital Future of Bulgaria on February 23th, 2018 in Sofia.

The founders of the Federation are one of the most active organizations in the sector: ICT Cluster Bulgaria, Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications, ICT Cluster – Varna, ICT Cluster – Plovdiv, ICT Cluster – Burgas and Bulgarian Technology Cluster CODIA.

The founders are united in their cause that the implementation of digital technologies and boosting innovations are essential preconditions for increasing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and creating a sustainable economic development of the country.

The first initiative of the Federation is to support the efforts of the ICT business to implement a working governmental program to attract qualified professionals from other countries. In a letter addressed to Prime Minister, the Federation presented its position in support of the rapid solution of the lack of sufficient human resources for jobs with innovative technologies in Bulgaria.

The Federation will develop and implement the cluster approach in order to create a favorable business environment for the development of SMEs in Bulgaria. According to the Charter, only through cooperation among organizations in the sector, the successful development of the Bulgarian and European digital market is possible.

The Federation will:

– work to accelerate implementation of the concept, principles and tools of Industry 4.0 in Bulgaria as a precondition for economic growth,

–  promote the competitiveness of Bulgarian SMEs by applying digital technologies,

– support the educational system in Bulgaria through the implementation of modern processes, technologies and programs in order to acquire adequate knowledge and skills,

– work constructively with the state institutions and the administration in order to create policies, projects, programs supporting the digital development, education and development of clusters in Bulgaria.

For the first co-chairmen of the Federation for one-year mandate, were elected the Chairman of the ICT Cluster Bulgaria – Peter Statev and Chairman of ICT Cluster Burgas – Petko Georgiev. The member organizations will take turns in the governance of the Federation on a rotation basis.