Graphic Design with an Outsourcing Company – Pros and Cons

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Graphic design is one of those things where people like different things but dislike the same ones. In a way, when a bad design appears in the world, anyone can tell it’s bad. That’s why you need to be extra cautious when delegating your graphic design tasks to someone else.


Once familiar with the risks, taking the decision of choosing the right outsourcing company will turn into a child’s play. Or at least your choice spectrum will be significantly narrowed down.

If you’re looking for a partner, we – from ICT Burgas, can connect any business looking for outsourcing opportunities with the appropriate local company and guarantee its efficiency and premium quality.

We’ve always preferred bad news served first so let’s try something unconventional and start with the cons of outsourcing your graphic design tasks.



We don’t want you to end up with something that looks like your 4th grade PowerPoint presentation. Don’t get us wrong. Sure you loved it back then. But it’s 2017 and Comic Sans is no longer an acceptable font choice.

These are the possible disadvantages of graphic design outsourcing to consider:

Lost in Translation.

Lots of companies prefer outsourcing their tasks offshore as it allows them to get their services done fast and cheap. In the past few years, however, that logic has turned out to be poor.

While the prices are undoubtedly lower, some offshore companies can turn out to be too far from your cultural and aesthetical understandings. Hiring experts from Eastern Asian and African countries where the design has developed in a completely different manner hides the risks of ending up with something that’s culturally irrelevant in Western Europe and the USA. That’s what has turned more companies to Eastern European Outsourcing Companies as their mentality and visions match with the contemporary businesses and the latest graphic design trends.


Lack of Communication.

 You know how sometimes even in-house company tasks may fail because of misunderstanding or lack of communication? Well, now imagine working with someone remotely.

As someone looking for outsourcing opportunities, it’s your responsibility to make sure you keep in contact with the outsourcing company. Failing to communicate with them can end up in a project that needs to be redone and when there’s time pressure, that’s the last thing you want to do. Make sure you have frequent chats and calls with the people and articulate your vision. Whenever you feel like something is unclear, ask and respond. Don’t get sloppy with it as it can result in something you may regret.


Brand Inconsistency

 One of the main pillars of any brand is its voice and image. This means that whatever the brand does needs to seem consistent with its established style.

As we’ve said, the lack of communication often results in something unexpected or inconsistent. In order to avoid that, make sure your hired professionals are introduced to your brand voice, to your philosophy and values. Color and shape coordination goes a long way when working with a graphic design outsourcing company so make sure you provide that quick intro class before you start working.



Knowing the risks of something is useless unless you’ve got some solutions under your sleeve. After getting familiar with the possible disadvantages, creating a strategy to avoid or deal with them is crucial for a successful project.

When done right, graphic design outsourcing can bear fruit for your company and turn into a game-changer for your upcoming projects. The greatest advantages here are:


Wider Choice.

When you don’t constrain yourself to find professionals within a certain city or area, it means that you can choose professionals from all over the world.

Having that opportunity results in a large pool of talents you can work with. Countries with newly developed design traditions such as Bulgaria and Romania have progressively been becoming the number one choice for outsourcing tasks. That’s due to their high education in the fields of graphic and web design where they not only approach but often surpass the longer Western tradition.

Eastern European professionals have also become a preferred choice because of their motivation and work ethics. As Burgas is the residence of numerous young and passionate people from the region, we offer the opportunity of connecting businesses with the right experts. The city’s irresistible geographical features have attracted web developers, graphic designers and IT professionals, passionate about both: beautiful endless beaches and outsourcing opportunities. A mixture to die for!



We can’t stress enough how important it is to have a balanced quality/price ratio. Any outsourcing company is worth as much as its cost-efficiency.

As tempting as some offers might sound, considering the quality of the service should be the most important priority when outsourcing graphic design tasks. Low-costing offshore services are being rapidly replaced by the cost-efficient ones in proximate areas.

Bulgaria ranks among Ranker's Top 10 Countries for Outsourcing Business and is the first European country in the list. Its fundamental strategy of nearshoring high-quality services for low costs makes it the preferred destination for thousands of businesses.


Resource Savings.

While money can seem like an important resource, there is something much more valuable for everyone who has ever delegated company tasks. Time is something you never have enough of. That’s why outsourcing graphic design tasks will gain that much-needed gift of time for your team to work on your ongoing projects.

Another resource you save through graphic design outsourcing is the human resource. It can be hard to find qualified employees and most importantly, you might not need to. By delegating your duties to an outsourcing company, you contact them only when you need them. Thus, cutting the planned budget in half.  


At the end of the day.

After listing down all of the pros and cons a certain activity has, it’s time for a conclusion.

As we’ve seen, graphic design outsourcing can be a tricky matter for your company. Expecting the risks means being prepared to avoid them. Once prepared, taking this outsourcing journey can turn out to be the best decision for your business. After all, cost- efficiency and high-expertize will turn any graphic design outsourcing company into your most trusted confidant on the road to success.