ICT Start(up) And Business Cooperation Between Sweden And Serbia

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ICT cluster of Central Serbia is organizing IT conference in Kragujevac on December the 7th, 2016.

ICT cluster of Central Serbia, with support of Sweden Embassy  and City of Kragujevac, is organizing IT conference in Kragujevac under the name: “ICT Start(up) and Business Cooperation Between Sweden And Serbia”.  Launching ICT startup and possibilities of business cooperation between Serbian and Sweden companies are the main topics that will be discussed at the conference.

Goals of the conference are as follows:

  • Gathering of IT business community of Central Serbia, discussing about possible business operating models of  Serbian companies on Swedish market and vice versa
  • Establishing IT startup culture on the territory of Central Serbia, introducing best business practices and presenting opportunities and challenges that startup launching brings along

Save the date – December 7th 2016. Event will take place at Hotel „Sumarice“ in Kragujevac (Desankin venac bb), and agenda will be published afterward on the ICT cluster of central Serbia’s web site – www.ict-cs.org 

Conference will include presentation of organizations that connect SMEs in Serbia and Sweden and they will share their experiences and successful stories, as well as connecting models that they are offering..

Successful Serbian companies will present their experience of working in Sweden, and representatives of Swedish companies will talk about working in Serbia.

Later in the agenda, attention will be placed on ICT startups, when relevant organizations, which act as startup supporters will have presentation, along with successful startup stories which carried out their idea without formal sources of funding. There will be words about chances and challenges, and about ways of launching your IT startup, and potential ways of funding.

At our conference, companies will be able to hear about necessities for penetrating demanding Swedish market, and students and fresh programming teams will be presented with successful stories which may motivate them for initiating their own ideas and businesses.

Participation is out of charge but number of seats are limited.

You can register by using the following link: https://iktkonfkg2016.eventbrite.com or e-mail: [email protected].

ICT Cluster of Central Serbia