Product Description platform is the front leader of the employment platforms in Albania and in the region.

Its main principal of this online platform, is matching the jobseekers and the employers by using the state-of-art technology.

The employers fill out their profile, post a job (job description) and submit it. The employers may submit multiple jobs at a time. The jobseekers fill out their profile, create a CV and applies for the suitable jobs. The jobseekers may create multiple CVs, suitable for the job positions.

The overall process is managed by the specialized team of, who moderate the process and also provide continuing support to the users. Currently is operating in its version 3.0 and the version 4.0 is also soon to be launched. It has two basic apps for Android and IOS. Its business model provides future sustainibility. has enabled the employment of hundreds of employees, and also supporting the employers finding the best candidates for their vacant positions. is also member of international networks such as and Alma career services ( making it unique and a global platform.

Despite job-matching services the portal offer career building and development services. Periodically many articles focused on successful career development and useful trainings are posted. This will enable many users to expand their potential and become more competitive. The platform is fueled and sustained by a rich database with information about jobseekers, employers, job vacancies, job postings, and so on.

It generates periodically the Employment Index, and also an online newspaper for jobs. It has a salary calculator, and other relevant tools are being used to the platform.