Profile: F-Analytics Basel II

Product Description

F-Analytics Basel II or RDM offers a complete solution that automates the calculation of capital requirements for Credit, Operational and Market Risk under the BASEL II Standardized Approach and according to the Areas of National Discretions enforced by the Central Banks.

The solution offers automatic generation of the complete COREP package and provides analytical reports which help users with data reconciliations and detailed analysis on the evolution of various risk indicators.

F-Analytics Basel II offers significant benefits for the following units:

Risk Department which is usually responsible for calculating and optimizing the Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAD), a time-consuming and error prone process. In addition, it is responsible for ensuring reconciliation with accounting figures. Both above processes become fully automated with F-Analytics Basel II solution.
Finance Department which is responsible for consolidating the statutory reporting (SRU) package which includes all COREP forms automatically generated by F-Analytics Basel II
MIS Department which is responsible for creating various summary reports on Risk Weighted Assets and Capital Adequacy to facilitate Senior Management Decision Making process. It can leverage from out-of-the-box analytical reports provided with the solution
Internal Audit Department which is responsible for performing controls to verify the correctness of figures reported for the calculation of Capital Adequacy. Internal Audit personnel can access the analytical output reports as well as check the detailed audit trail for each manual modification performed
IT Department which can utilize the F-Analytics Basel II infrastructure and data warehouse to create additional reports outside the scope of Capital Adequacy
Solution key benefits:

Built-in BASEL data model which allows flexible extensibility of the solution for future reporting requirements such as FIRB or AIRB approaches.
Provides the Senior Management with in-depth review of variances through time in Risk Weighted Assets (RWAs) and Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR).
In addition to addressing the regulatory requirements, the RDM system provides an open and extendable DWH & BI solution that can be used for advanced risk portfolio management, management reporting, simulation, analysis, etc.
Supports quick and easy modification in case of changes of regulation due to non-hard coding of Business Rules. Provides fundamentals for a progressive implementation of BASEL III Standard.
Easily configurable solution for supporting international implementations by considering the Areas of National Discretions (ANDs) of specific countries.
The data model can be used for the generation of Credit Portfolio Classification and impairment calculation.
Supports the requirements of Pillars II and III.
With a running time of a few minutes, F-Analytics Basel II is designed to process large amounts of data and support the complete Basel II regulatory reporting in an auditable and automated way.