Profile: FaciliCom

Product Description

FaciliCom is a portal on top of a message processing engine that automates the generation and submission of personalized notifications, alerts and marketing content to customers using SMS, e-mail, and other social media channels. It provides a communication channel that can be used to reduce cost or to improve performance of debt collection, quality of service delivery, cross-selling and can help to reduce fraud.

Developed on the principles of scalability, flexibility and operability, FaciliCom provides an easy to use communication platform that supports organizations to implement their multi-channel communications strategy instantly and efficiently, including target group advertising campaigns.


Enabler of a private and personalized communication channel with your customers and/or staff because of cheaper communication costs of electronic channels (SMS, e-mail, Social Media Instant Messaging) and minimal work force involvement;
Enable the creation of centralized communication log book with customers for various topics at customer and organization level;
Reduces costs derived from call centre, currier delivery or other associated manual labor costs by automating the generation and delivery of personalized communication messages with customers;
Supports various deployment and integration models with your existing IT systems ensuring sensitive information stays within your organization