Profile: FaciliConnect

Product Description

FaciliConnect provides banks a central integration hub to process, view and control payments toward multiple service providers of utilities. It allows banks to perform real-time transactions for a bank customer toward utility service providers, therefore reducing payment processing time and operational costs while enabling the bank to provide customers an in-branch experience and drive more engagement with the brand.


By implementing FaciliConnect, the bank will benefit through:

Increased satisfaction of existing customers by providing them the convenience of automatic bill payments;
Attract new customers to the bank;
Reduced payment processing time and reduced operational costs, as a result of the elimination of paper documentation preparing, sending and archiving;
Avoiding long queues of customers in-branch;
Avoiding long reconciliations;
Receiving instant confirmation on processed transactions;
A unified experience for your staff in processing customers’ utility bills;
No additional third party license costs beyond initial investment;
Fast integration with minimal local development for integration with core banking which ensures the solution will be implemented within a short period of time.