Product Description

The lost&found solution for your airport or city

How it works? is an online platform for lost properties. Different enterprises and institutions can own an instance of Our platform is adoptable to the look and feel of your entity and highly configurable to fit your specific needs.

The platform has a public self service online area to declare a loss and a back office where found items can be registered.

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Every city of a respective size has a lost & found office. The requirements are similar as on other places like airports and public transport. Make your citizens and visitors happier with an extra quality of service and reducing the overhead.


Airports are highly frequented places. People are in a hurry to catch their flights or meet relatives and friends. On places like this, property gets often lost. The ground services can be easily overloaded with a big amount of work. is an absolute time saver.

Public Transport

Change from train to bus or tram. So fast can it happen and your smart phone is left alone. One of public transportation company’s reputation can be increased by the speed of handling lost property items. What is nicer than putting the smile to people faces…

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Airport Zurich

Station Zurich of Swissport relies on to handle tens of thousands found items every year because of:

  • self service configurability
  • connectivity to payment systems like credit card
  • support service

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Airport Geneva

Station Geneva of Swissport uses in order to handle the lost property with a good reason:

  • lean platform
  • multi language support
  • customized workflows (confirmation emails and automatic PDF reports and letters)

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More info you can find on the following link: