Product Description

This platform is designed for the purpose of offering to its users the possibility to find the geographic location of points of interest (POI) by offering the integration with different layers of spatial information. It is integrated with the information on portal. The application reads and displays all information regarding businesses, reports etc. which are registered in the portal (those for which is registered the geographical position). Integration with Business book for map sheets creation. The platform enables authentication of users registered in ikub.

The application offers the possibility for creating web services for cartographic presentation of objects for mobile applications “My ikub” and “Find Digitalb” which can be found in “App Store (iOS)” and “Google Play (Android)”. has a rich database:

  • Notifications (Announcements) – over 400 objects on the map (which are updated every day).
  • Businesses – over 4000 objects on the map
  • Point of Interest (POI) – over 10000 points of interest allocated to the whole territory of Albania

Detailed functionalities:

  1. The application provides tools like measuring distances / surfaces, printing, user reviews for geographic objects, etc.
  2. The user can localize the spatial objects through requests (query) based on attributes of objects and / or their spatial position (as polygons, buffer, etc.)
  3. This WebGIS application offers the possibility of creating and editing the spatial information by using different geometry (point, line, polygon) depending on the category of information..
  4. Available functionalities like i:
    1. browsing,
    2. searching(spatial, non-spatial),
    3. Adding information by every user,
    4. Personal object management by users.
  5. The application contains a dedicated environment for users. In this environment, users can manage their added data by each sector:
    1. Modifying the position of the object and its attributes
    2. Change of object categories (it is possible to establish more than one category for each object and appearing in each of them).
    3. Adding photos and videos as additional information for each object.
    4. Downloading (download service) of personal data in geographic editable formats (e.g. ESRI shape format, Google KML).
  6. The application is integrated with a management environment, which includes the following modules:
    1. Adding and modifying objects
    2. Add and edit categories
    3. Add and edit the symbolic that represent the objects (styles)
    4. Category management for each object
    5. Comments/feedback management for each object
    6. Photo and Video (Media) management for each object
    7. Multiple data insertion using “csv” format
  7. Technical specification:
    1. MSSQL Server,
    2. Geoserver,
    3. ASP.NET,
    4. Openlayers + Extjs (GeoExt)