Product Description is the only Albanian website, where you can see all sources in only one place. organizes the news in such a way, that they are showed grouped by the topics the news speak for, even if they are from different sources. This way of news’ grouping allows the user to see the ocurrance from different point of views. In the link “related articles”, the user can read all published news that relate with certain event.

The titles of the first page of are selected automatically through an informatic algorithm, based on some criterias, calculating how often and where does an event show. Basically, we count the number of original titles, which are published by chief editors, in order to assess the weight of such an event . Weight also is calculated based on how new are the news.

The pages of refresh/update 144 times a day, or every 10 minutes, so that, in a single place the user can always find the most popular, the latest and the most readed news.

Also, the user has the opportunity to search for news from Albania, Kosovo or Macedonia. News are grouped in clusters. A cluster has x news. For each news is checked its source and which country owns this source (eg

The country which has the most news of a cluster, gets this cluster as its own.

That is to say: if a issue is mentioned more from the Albanian media, the news will be displayed when clicking the Albanian news, and so on.

  • analyzes daily about 6,000 news, which are found on the websites of 63 different information sources (not including their archieves).
  • From 6,000 news, about 2500 are new titles (published during a day, excluding Sunday). The rest are news from the earlier days.
  • From 2,500 news a day, about 150 are duplicated. For each of these 150 news, it exists an identical one on the 2,350 remaining news. It means that about 10% of daily news are taken from a source of information and they are published unchanged.
  • · exists for the public since 2 April 2011
  • has more than 100,000 page views in a month.
  • has more than 60,000 unique visitors in a month.

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