Green ICT deVElopment (GIVE) Project

Green ICT deVElopment (GIVE) Project

Date: May 07, 2017

GIVE project under the COSME call Cluster Go International was awarded by the European Commission with the label European Strategic Cluster Partnership yesterday in Brussels.

The partners are the following organizations:


 ICT CLUSTER, Bulgaria (lead partner)
  Albanian ICT Association (AITA)
✓  Automotive Cluster Bulgaria
✓  Automotive Cluster Serbia
  MASIT ICT Chamber of commerce
  ICT Cluster of Central Serbia
  Cluj IT Cluster, Romania
  KBI Green and Smart Technology Cluster, Latvia

The GIVE partnership will be based on cross-clusters, cross- border, and cross – regional and cross – industry collaboration.
It is very challenging because it has eight partners from seven different countries, two different European regions and three
vital industries.

GIVE starts at 1 December 2017

Project duration: 24 months

The specific objectives of the GIVE project are:

  • to create a favorable framework for establishing a sustainable cross-industry strategic cluster partnership across
    Europe among three vital industries- ICT, automotive and renewable energy by implementation of partnership building and collaboration activities.
  • to build up sustainable strategic cluster partnership based on development of GIVE internationalization strategy and
    implementation road-map.
  • to promote GIVE partnership and increase online promotion of GIVE partners by implementation of identity shaping,
    communication, promotion and online media activities.