Profile: Flexcube Implementation

Service Description

In today’s ever changing business environment banks are often required to migrate from a legacy system to a newer, more contemporary solution and/or integrate with multiple online channels. Oracle FLEXCUBE suite of products represents a leading worldwide universal banking solution that can help banks achieve business growth and reduce operating costs. Carrying out a successful, on-time and on-budget implementation project presents a real challenge for the financial institution.

Facilization offers access to a multi-lingual team that inherit a profound functional and technical experience in delivering onsite implementation, configuration and support services. We specialize in assisting financial institutions who want to become high performance businesses using Oracle FLEXCUBE suite of solutions. We are the 5th Oracle partner in the world to achieve Flexcube UBS Specialized, a fact which speaks toward Facilization’s dedication in investing in Oracle Flexcube.

We can assist your implementation of Flexcube under each of the two scenarios:
Migration to Flexcube from your existing or legacy system. This process includes the implementation of the new system, its parametrization, familiarization with each of modules, as well as the mapping of the existing functionality to the new one.
Startup your new bank with Flexcube. In this regard, we not only offer our qualified technical implementation services, but can also support you in specifying best practices to run the business processes of your institution by making the best use of the new system’s functionalities. We have performed a number of successful greenfield implementation project, in both core and internet banking.
Your main benefits of using our Flexcube consultancy and system integration services include:
Access to a team that inherit a profound functional experience to deliver onsite implementation, configuration and support services.
Full attention and dedication of our staff to support the correct running of the system after go-live.
Access to a Flexcube Accelerator Pack, that includes a set of pre- (like a starter Chart of Accounts, Account Code Structure etc) and a set of standard reports which have been built based on our previous experience and the best practices of our company and our International partners.
Local access to specialized technical knowledge in Oracle database, PL/SQL, Java, OBIEE and performance tuning, as well experience in building and using ETL migration tools.
Minimal turn-over of project team members (you get to know the people that are going to work with you)